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Posted on Jul 4, 2001


FEBRUARY 1999; Front cover, “Fireside Arrangement”, pastel (Detail).

AUGUST 1999; Page 26. John Patchett’s Pastels Part 1; “Street and Market Scenes”.

SEPTEMBER 1999; Page 26. John Patchett’s Pastels Part 2; “The Call of the Sea”.

OCTOBER 1999; Page 16. John Patchett’s Pastels Part 3; “Still Life in the Garden”.

MAY 2000; Page 36. Painting Outdoors with John Patchett “Working with Pastel”.

JUNE 2000; Page 18. “EXPLORE-Light and Shade”. John Patchett creates dimension in pastel.

AUGUST 2000; Page 14. Lets Start with Art – 8 “A Wisteria Clad Doorway in Pastels by John Patchett”.

AUGUST 2001; Page 31. Painting Project – Phase 1, “A Disused Farmyard in Pastel”.

SEPTEMBER 2001; Page 22. Painting Project – Phase 2, “A Disused Farmyard in Pastel”.

MARCH 2002; Page 21. “Windows and Doorways in Pastel”.

MAY 2002; Skies in Pastel

July 2002; Page 14. ‘Paint a boat and fishermen’s huts in pastel’

August 2002; Page 15. Lets Advance with Art – use pastels to paint boats and fishermans huts


‘Pastel International’ magazine no.11

Step by Step – Art Course’ magazine no.78 (Dec 2001)

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